Past Projects

PTT TDMA Maintenance Project
This is an ongoing maintenance project to provide preventative maintenance and corrective maintenance of a TDMA system centered at the PTT headquarters, Chonburi Thailand. This system provides for gathering SCADA data from RTUs at various sites
along the PTT’s gas pipelines.

We are partnered with UTStarcom and Comba who are Major suppliers of Telecommunication Systems. Comba provides the RF equipment to major mobile operators such as TrueMove, AIS. DTAC, Hutch, et al.We integrate UTStarcom products to provide next generation service to major telecommunication operators such as True, UIH, TOT, TT&T. Other partners are
Allot (Bandwidth Management), Peer App (Caching Systems), Oversi (Caching Systems), Nominum (DNS Security Systems). We have supplied and/or integrated servers and other network equipment from HP and others.

2553/2010 - 2550/2007

This Turnkey project was to Engineer, Furnish and Install a UTStarcom Softswitch to provide TOT with Next Generation Network features such as PC to Phone, IP Centrex,etc. for their customers.

Turnkey project for CAT via NEC (NEC as the main bidder) for the high speed broadband internet of CAT, we provide IP DSLAMs for last mile access to customers and Routers for metro network link between CAT POP and DSLAM nodes.

2552/2009 - 2551/2008
CAT Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Network (GEPON) FTTx Project

We provided a full solution from UTStarcom for GEPON/FTTx using OLT (Optical Line Termination -- as the main node), POS (Passive Optical Splitter) and ONU (Optical Network Unit -- as the customer side) as well as Network Management to provide Triple Play service (High Speed internet, IPTV and VoIP). We are the first System Integrator to provide GEPON to CAT to upgrade their broadband service to Triple Play service.

2553/2010 - 2552/2009
DNS Security Upgrade for TOT ISP Network

Provided Vantio^(Nominum) caching DNS servers and special software using layered defenses for superior protection against cache poisoning and other threats such as DoS attacks.

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