Services for Petroleum Exploration and Production
We have completed turnkey engineering services for every major petroleum
exploration and production company which has operated in Thailand to date. The
scope of our work covers general consulting services for establishing
telecommunications systems in Thailand, and to engineer, furnish, install and
maintain equipment for the various communications systems associated with
exploration and production operations, both offshore and onshore. Such systems
include UHF and Microwave links for multi-channel voice, SCADA, PABX, and high
speed data traffic; VHF systems for marine or helicopter traffic, and HF single
sideband systems for either long range or backup communications as required by
exploration or production operations. The following is a list of energy companies and
related service companies we have worked for in Thailand or elsewhere as indicated.

Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT)
Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA)
Union Oil Company
Shell Oil Company
Gulf Oil Company
Esso Exploration (Thailand & Malaysia)
British Petroleum
Texas Pacific
North Central
Premier Oil Pacific
Petronas Carigali (Malaysia)
Transworld Drilling (Burma)
Reading and Bates (Burma)
Occidental Petroleum (Bangladesh)
Thai Petroleum Services

Vianini Construction Company
Engineer, furnish, install and maintain low band VHF system and maintain a PABX.

SITA Societe Internationale de Telecommunications Aeronautiques
Installation of a single hop microwave system carrying high speed computer data for the airlines.

Aerothai Aeronautical Radio of Thailand
Installation of two microwave hops for voice and data.

RTAF Royal Thai Air Force
EF&I a single hop microwave system for a computer data distribution network.

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