Consulting Services

TAC Thai International Airline
Consulting on antenna design and configuration for VHF mobile network.

SRT State Railways of Thailand
Consulting Engineering on the construction and installation of railway signaling and telecommunications systems using fiber optic cables, radios and PCM multiplex equipment.

ESCAP United Nations
Consulting on upgrading Telex and leased line network.

TTN/TTS Thaitronic
Setup and test of ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) network edge switches. The ATM switches were connected to Unix servers via 155 Mb/s optical carrier level 3 (OC-3) ATM interfaces and Microsoft Windows PC clients using either ATM Forum 25.6 Mb/s or Ethernet 10/100 BaseT NICs (Network Interface Cards). One of the Ethernet clients was a Jupiter High Resolution Display Wall Controller. Images were sent via the ATM switches from the various clients and the Unix servers to the High Resolution Display.

Index International Group of Companies
Consulting on, and measuring the effectiveness of RFI/EMI screened rooms.

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