TOT Telephone Organization of Thailand
EF&I two TDMA Subscriber Radio Systems with 25 microwave hops.

TSEPCO Thai Shell Exploration and Production Co.
Furnish, install and maintain a microwave TDMA Subscriber Radio System. Installation of a 2+2 Mb/s digital M/W space diversity system with baseband drop/insert digital branching equipment. Installation and maintenance of VHF & HF radio networks. Consulting on private X.25 packet network installation.

SRT State Railways of Thailand
Consulting Engineering on the construction and installation of railway signaling and telecommunications systems using fiber optic cables, radios and PCM multiplex equipment.

Unocal Union Oil Company of Thailand
Engineer, furnish, install, and maintain various UHF, VHF, and HF networks. EF&I three TDMA Subscriber Radio Systems (31 hops) and a 500 line EPABX with Custom Features Package. Engineer and install a microwave system for voice and data.

RRC Rayong Refinery Constructors
EF&I an extensive ACTA & CCTV system using fiber optic and coaxial cables for the Shell Rayong Refinery at Map Ta Phud, Thailand.

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